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Project Development / Collaboration (RUAI assists various groups and companies that are in alignment with it’s mission)

  • Ukrainian Veterans and Refugees Education and Training Program to Enhance Construction Workforce and Facilitate Post-War Recovery of Ukraine

Rebuilding Ukraine Association Inc (RUAI) through its RE-building Ukraine’s National Identity Though Education (REUNITE) initiative will deliver short-term and skills-centered academic programs in logistics and execution of modern construction and demining to Ukrainian veterans empowering them with critical knowledge and skills required for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. 

Through its affiliated academic institutions in Ukraine and the USA, REUNITE will offer distance learning modalities to Ukrainian veterans in Ukraine (course-work will be disseminated through local Veterans Education Centers in Ukraine) and to Ukrainian veterans present in the USA for medical rehabilitation.

The REUNITE team is working:

  • To include Mental Health curriculum into all courses and training programs.
  • With the Ukraine Ministry of Veteran Affairs to present a trama conflict resolution and mediation program.

Graduates of this program will be awarded with certificates and are expected to be employed by affiliated companies performing demining, construction activities in Ukraine and the United States.

Currently, RUAI is consolidating efforts of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, The Halo Trust, the University of Florida, and several private firms in order to establish an international team aligned with REUNITE’s academic mission.

Additionally, RUAI is considering development of similar academic opportunities for Ukrainian refugees in the USA that are committed to returning to Ukraine. 

Trimble – Software and euipment for Kyiv and Khakov Universites

  • University of Florida / Student Organization – Ukraine Rebuilding Initiative –

“The Ukraine Rebuilding Initiative is grateful to RUAI for supporting our organization at its early stages. We especially value the contacts that RUAI provided to us, including the HALO trust, a humanitarian organization specializing in demining operations. Furthermore, we recognize Mr. Lang’s extensive feedback provided to us during the development of our projects. The contacts will be of great help to our drone demining project. In the future, we look forward to continuing our collaboration when more opportunities arise.”

The Ukraine Rebuilding Initiative (URI) Executive Board

Project Summary: The Ukraine Green Building Education Project

The Ukraine Green Building Education Project / Green Building Academy for Ukraine is a non-profit initiative with the primary objective of delivering sustainable construction education directly to the Ukrainian market. Recognizing the pressing demand for sustainable reconstruction in Ukraine, our project is committed to providing local industry professionals with the fundamental knowledge and practices essential for the implementation of sustainable construction, which will also align with the requirements of globally recognised accreditation standards.

Project Goals:

  • Enhanced Education Access: Our primary goal is to expand the availability of green construction education in Ukraine, particularly focusing on globally recognized standards such as LEED and WELL. We aim to make this education accessible to professionals at all levels within the design and construction industry.
  • Cost-Efficient Sustainability: We intend to increase the number of professionals capable of implementing sustainable construction standards without incurring substantial additional costs. This will promote environmentally responsible construction practices while remaining economically feasible.
  • Professional Accreditation: Facilitating the education and certification of accredited professionals is another key objective. We aim to enable and empower construction and architecture experts to undertake sustainable residential and other construction and reconstruction projects.

Team Expertise:

Our project team consists of renowned industry professionals hailing from both Ukraine and the United States. The diverse team comprises of experts in sustainability and construction, as well as key players from professional associations and a prestigious Ukrainian university for construction and architecture. Together, we offer a synergistic blend of skills and expertise to ensure the success of this initiative. More specifically, our team includes:

  • The Confederation of Builders of Ukraine: A key player in Ukraine’s construction sector, contributing industry insights and expertise.
  • Think Greener LLC & Green Building Center LLC: Sustainability experts who bring their in-depth knowledge of green building practices to the project, as well as substantial experience in developing and delivering educational materials in sustainable construction.
  • Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture: A distinguished educational institution with a deep-rooted history in construction and architecture, offering academic support and educational delivery to our initiative.


The Ukraine Green Building Education Project is poised to catalyse a transformation within Ukraine’s construction industry. By empowering and educating local construction managers and professionals with sustainable construction skills, we aim to build a future where environmentally responsible building practices are the norm. This initiative not only contributes to Ukraine’s sustainable reconstruction efforts but also aligns with global sustainability objectives. Together, our team is committed to creating a resilient, eco-friendly, and prosperous Ukraine.

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