Rebuilding Ukraine Association Incorporated (RUAI) is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 – based near Tampa, Florida. RUAI was organized to provide education and technical assistance training to increase the capacity to manage and sustain the reconstruction of the war damage from the Russian invasion. Funding will come from contributions and grants from individuals, corporations, the US Government and from donated goods and services. RUAI’s application for non-profit status meets the requirements under NTEE code Q30.

Core Activity

90% of time and resources are allocated to this program.

RUAI will evaluate, educate, supply and train veterans, engineers, architects, construction managers and employees of the national and regional governments and businesses of Ukraine. Assisting them in planning and designing the construction of housing, agricultural buildings, hospitals, schools, commercial and industrial buildings, and infrastructure with the new products and building methods.

Additionally, RUAI seeks to develop programs for veterans, schools, universities, and businesses so that knowledge and know-how is transferred to Ukrainians for future generations.

“Mental health awareness (Suicide Prevention / PTSD / Conflict Resolution) is to be included in the curriculum of the education and training programs.”

RUAI estimates 10% of its recourses will be allocated for fund raising, volunteer and staff recruiting and administration. The remaining resources will be allocated to program services, which will be divided into three activities: evaluation, education, and equipment supply.

Program Main Activites


RUAI will evaluate the existing conditions and supply chains of the building raw materials production facilities in Ukraine. These materials include asphalt, steel, cement, hemp, sand, crushed stone, and others which are essential to the rebuilding of housing, hospitals, school, office buildings and other infrastructures. It is estimated that 5% of the organization’s resources will be needed for this effort.


RUAI’s employees and subcontractors and volunteers will educate and train personnel in the design and operation of construction materials production facilities in Ukraine. Additionally, programs will include educating engineers and designers in utilizing the new products in the designs of buildings and structures. The education programs will be designed with the help of relevant US colleges, trade school, industry experts and companies developing the materials. Focus will be on the advance, energy-efficient solutions, most efficient production methods and latest materials. It is estimated that 80% of the organization’s resources will be needed for this effort.

Equipment Supply

RUAI will obtain grants to supply IT and production equipment, where needed, and will provide training services in the use of this equipment. It is estimated that 5% of the organization’s resources will be utilized in this effort.

Most of RUAI’s efforts will be provided in Ukraine throughout the country. A training center is planned to be established in the first major materials production facility that is constructed. Certain services, such as training on equipment bound for installation in Ukraine, will be performed in the US or EU countries, In the interest of “building back better” Ukrainian engineers and architects may be flown in to attend education at a university specializing in building design and materials that utilizes new and efficient products and energy saving systems. In-country services cannot commence in earnest until the war has ended so it is difficult to forecast the timing of commencement of its services. On-line services, however, can commence within 60-90 days. The size and scope of the services that are performed will depend on the amount of the funding that the organization is able to raise or grants that it qualifies for or is awarded. RUA is confident significant funds can be raised for their efforts but has only forecasted a very conservative outcome in its forecast.

Rebuilding Ukraine Association Inc.’s founder and President, Thomas Lang, has 40 years of experience building and managing multi-million dollar building construction and materials companies and projects in both domestic and foreign countries. His knowledge of international regulations, customs, and business practices have paved his success in these environments. He has developed and managed surface mining operations, hot mix asphalt, ready mix and block facilities. His company has provided international consulting and construction services, in the Ukraine, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, Kuwait, Poland and Russia. Lang’s wife is from Lviv in Ukraine and over 40 of her family members still reside there, which fuels his passion to try help this struggling country.

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