REUNITE– News Release

REUNITE – Rebuilding Ukraine’s National Independence Through Education

Among the many challenges awaiting postwar Ukraine is the massive reconstruction of cities, towns and infrastructure obliterated by Russian aggression.  We at RUAI are focused on assisting in the education and training of the workforce — to oversee and implement this huge endeavor through environmentally sustainable and resilient practices.  

We are bringing together educational centers, governmental agencies, and private sector leaders to meld their knowledge and experience with two basic objectives:

~ To substantially increase the numbers of qualified Ukrainian engineers and construction specialists,

~ And to ensure that the latest science and technological processes are used to produce the building materials this reconstruction will require.

~ Develop capacity in environmental sustainability and resiliency.

Participants to date in the REUNITE project are.

  1. Rebuilding Ukraine Association Inc. – USA
  2. Kyiv National University of Architecture and Construction – Ukraine
  3. Confederation of Builders of Ukraine – Ukraine
  4. Rebuilding Ukraine Agency – USA
  5. Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine – Ukraine
  6. Lviv Polytechnic National University – Ukraine
  7. Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University – Ukraine
  8. The University of Florida ME Rinker, Sr School of Construction – USA

If your organization would like to participate in the REUNITE program and for more information about the program go to and or, contact Thomas Lang at

Rebuilding Ukraine Association Incorporated a 501(c)3 Non-Profit based near Tampa Florida

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