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Since russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, numerous multi-family apartment buildings have faced intense artillery shelling. The result – completely or partially destroyed houses and thousands of people without windows, roofs, or walls in their homes. The conditions are often so dire that these apartments have become uninhabitable and families are forced to live in shelters or on the streets.

The residents of damaged apartment buildings are tirelessly trying to create more liveable conditions. They have been actively collecting funds and seeking government grants to cover the essential restoration works. However, to access the state’s ‘RebuildHOME‘ program, the residents of damaged apartment buildings must first finance crucial preliminary tasks like technical inspections and design works. Depending on the building’s size and condition, these expenses can range from a thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. Given that these buildings are located in already disadvantaged regions that were then profoundly affected by the war—both physically and socioeconomically—these financial burdens pose an overwhelming challenge for residents. In many cases, raising even a thousand dollars proves to be impossible.

Our Initiative to Rebuild Ukraine

Rebuilding Ukraine Association has partnered with the Ukrainian Fedir Shpyg Foundation to help restore the damaged residential buildings in Ukraine. The Shpyg Foundation has already allocated a substantial portion of its funds to cover the costs of preliminary works and ensure the restoration of some damaged homes. As a result of their efforts in 2023, 37 residential buildings across different Ukrainian regions have been restored. Furthermore, the Shpyg Foundation has pledged an additional $ 50,000.00 for this year’s reconstruction efforts. However, their funding is limited, and another 24 buildings are diligently trying to raise funds to begin the restoration of their homes.

Our goal is to raise $200,000 in the first two quarters of 2024 to rebuild 24 multi-family residential buildings and help 8300 people return to their homes.

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Hear the stories from residents of Bucha and Irpin:

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